About Us

Slice Energy: A Breakthrough Energy Efficiency Platform

Slice offers robust, low-cost, wireless control and monitoring solutions for commercial buildings. Our systems increase energy efficiency and support traditional demand response as well as innovative grid balancing services.

Our Leadership Team

The co-founders share extensive knowledge of energy efficiency, demand response and renewables grid integration. They know the various building systems, the technology layers, the economical/political market structures that have come together to make these innovations happen. We are each individually, and as a company, deeply committed to successful deployments, and we have a track record for positive collaborations & getting things done.

We are joined by a strong team of technology developers, implementations specialists, and a strong support team to ensure that our partners can be successful selling, implementing and leveraging our solutions.

PS Reilly

PSReillySeasoned technology executive with a background in strategy, product, sales, marketing and operations.  Prior to founding Slice Energy, Reilly served as a VP or C-level senior interim executive in the launch and/or turnaround of several energy and water technology firms, including most recently Optimum Energy and HydroPoint Data Systems.

She has also served on the “other side” of the energy industry as a Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for one of the larger public utility districts in North America. She has also provided strategic support to many other large utilities and regulators, including the CEC, CIEE, and PIER.  As a consultant, she has also aided many of the leading companies in the smart grid and smart building industries, including Areva/Alstom, McKenstry, Trane and many others.

Reilly got her start in information technology and telecommunication industries, and served in previous roles as a VP of Strategy & Sales in a Hewlett Packard Subsidiary, an EVP of Emerging Markets for Ziff Davis Media, and Entrepreneur in Residence and Investing Manager for WRF Capital, an evergreen venture fund.

Dave Watson

dw-headshotOver 20 years of experience with controls and communications systems.  Focus on Smart Grid, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Automated Demand Response (OpenADR), energy management and control systems (EMCS), and energy information systems (EIS). Designed and implemented very small embedded electronic devices and very large Internet and wireless systems.  Architected secure, scalable software systems for managing and analyzing these systems. . Wireless communications experience using WiMAX, Dust Networks, ZigBee, WiFi, 900 MHz and ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies.

Supported business development and sales efforts to secure contracts of up to $22 M.   Hired and managed up to six technical professionals and multiple subcontractors with P&L responsibility and budgets of over $2 million per year.  Have deployed large building and smart meter projects both in North America and internationally.

Advisor to California Energy Commission (CEC), Department of Energy (DOE), CA utilities (PG&E, SCE & SDG&E) and other public and private organizations