An Innovative Solution

To address the need for more cost-efficient optimization in buildings, Slice Energy, has developed the PerSimon Solutions, which include self-contained, turnkey optimization systems fully integrated into a reliable wireless controls overlay.

PerSimon Graphic

PerSimon Solutions are low-cost, easy to install wireless control overlay for commercial buildings that enable substantial energy savings all the time (EE), and fast demand response (FastDR) when it is financially lucrative to do so.

PerSimon Air is optimizes duct static pressure in VAV systems to save up to 50% fan energy throughout the year, while enabling near real-time continuous demand response (up and down) for grid balancing with PerSimon Monitoring.

Once installed, the infrastructure serves as a multipurpose control and monitoring backplane that can be leveraged in new or existing buildings and can support innovations (our own or partners) that optimize the major building systems.